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Francisca Acosta Sanchez.  (Born June 7, 1930; Died June 20, 2007) (c) 2002 - 2013.)

Rodney Sparkman Sr.  (Born December 1, 1918; Died December 23, 1978) (c) 2002-2013.

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Our Purpose

This web site provides a tribute to Rodney Sparkman Sr. (at left) and his Sparkman ancestors that is accurate and verifiable.  We've also included many of his immediate and extended family who have passed to the other side.  He loved his family dearly.  We hope you enjoy this web site as much as we've enjoyed building it.  We appreciate your contributions to this web site.  Rodney Sparkman was a man who had great compassion especially for those in need.  Keep sending those photos, anecdotes, notes, etc. to help make this the best web site possible. For information on Rodney Sparkman, left-click on the graphic itself.  Lois Lucille White, was his first wife.  Francisca Acosta Sanchez (at right), our mother, was his second wife.  I am continuing to add more and more material of her side of the family as well.  For information on Francisca Acosta Sanchez, also known as Frances, left-click on the graphic itself.

For more on the late Susan Acosta Sparkman Reyes, click here: Susan

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Sparkman Family Crest (Motto:  Esse Quam Videre)


For information on the Sparkman coat of arms, left-click on the graphic itself.  Find out what "Esse Quam Videri!" means.

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